ALPHA Certificate

ALPHA stands for Alternate Laboratory for Procedures and Housing of Animals. The Policy requires live animals to be housed and procedures to be performed inside an animal facility. An exception can be granted by the Facility Animal Care Committee (FACC) if the researcher gives valid justification acceptable to the committee.

The laboratory will be inspected by representatives of the FACC prior to its use and annually. If it meets the proper standards for the type of procedures and/or housing proposed, an ALPHA Certificate will be issued specifically for that room. It should be posted inside the room.

The Certificate contains information about the location, type of facility and information about the animals. The certificate is completed by the FACC Coordinator. It can be revoked by the committee for non-compliance.

The inspection will look at the suitability of the room and equipment, security of the premises, drug use, record keeping and storage, cleaning before and after, monitoring and compliance with institutional and local regulations and policies. See the FileMcGill ALPHA visit checklist as well as the Policy on Animals Outside Facilities.


For details, please contact your local Facility Animal Care Committee (FACC) Coordinator.

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