Register: McGill Innovation Week Opening with Rosie Goldstein and Innovation in Practice Panel

8:30 a.m. 

Dr Rosie Goldstein will open McGill Innovation Week 2015 which promises more engaging and student-led events than ever before. A large number of this year’s participating groups have also decided to focus their events on issues related to innovation in education or learning and to entrepreneurship. This gives MIW 2015 a distinctively important feeling, empowering students to help shape their educational experiences and thereby placing them at the vanguard of their own knowledge and understanding. 

9:00 a.m.

Innovation in Practice at McGill encourages multidisciplinary and multi-partner initiatives and increase McGill university role within the local community. Concretely, Innovation in Practice seeks to increase collaborations and partnerships with local actors in order to experiment innovative initiatives within the community, enrich student experience, leverage research funding and accelerate entrepreneurial activities with community partners.With the panel, we will discuss about how collaborations with community partners enrich student experience and answer specific needs in the community.

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