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Welcome to the RAN website. This website will continue to grow over the course of the network and is intended to provide tools and resources to assist research administrators throughout the McGill community.

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The Research Administration Network meets on a monthly basis. Sessions are focused on a particular subject related to the research administration cycle.

Find out what topics will be presented in the upcoming sessions!

All RAN sessions are recorded and posted on the RAN website. View presentations from previous sessions.

Stay informed about upcoming events as well as announcements related to research administration.  researchadministrator.osr [at] mcgill.ca (Email us) to join the listserv today!

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On our website, you will also find many other resources related to research administration at McGill University, including:

  • Roles and Responsibilities – Summary of the Roles and Responsibilities document which defines the roles and responsibilities of all McGill employees involved in the management grant funds. You will also find descriptions of the roles and responsibilities of the Office of Sponsored Research and Research Financial Management Services.
  • Research Policies and Regulations – Links to key research policies and regulations governing the conduct of research at McGill University.
  • Research Administration Toolbox – Tools and tutorials developed to assist McGill staff in their roles and responsibilities in research administration.
  • Research Administration Announcements - Links to key messages sent to the McGill research community.
  • FAQ – Answers to commonly asked questions.
  • Financial Services Teams (FST) - Schedules, agendas and presentations of FST round table meetings.
  • Resource Quick Links – Collection of links to web-based resources related to research administration, arranged by Office of Sponsored Research, Financial Services, Human Resources, Government of Canada, as well as other resources.
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