Financial Services Teams (FST)

The mission of the financial services teams (FST) is to provide direct support & guidance at a local level to researchers relating to financial administration of research grants and contracts.

The FST is available to:

  • Act as the researcher's primary contact for all post-award concerns;
  • Liaise with Financial Services and other units within the University.

The FST will assist with planning and organizing financial activities to support the daily operations of the Principal Investigator (PI), ensuring that financial administration is carried out in accordance with the appropriate regulations & guidelines.

For a list of all Financial Officers and FST managers by Faculty/Unit, please click here.

Resources for FSTs

  • FST Round Tables Meetings - Open dialogue sessions that allow FST Managers to directly interact with central offices regarding research grants, awards and contracts.  Meetings for FST Managers only.
  • FST Reports - Web and Crystal reports by FST jurisdiction to access financial information for reconciling and reporting purposes.  Please note that these reports can only be run by authorized users.