Technologies for License

McGill University's research community produces a wide array of protected technologies that are available for licensing.  If you wish to learn more about any of these topics in more detail, or would like to discuss how they can be licensed by your company, please contact the innovation.vpip [at] (Office of Innovation and Partnerships). The following categories of technologies are available:

Diagnostics | Environment | Manufacturing | Materials Software | Therapeutics


Amyloid-B antibody for the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease progression 

Automated training feedback in an Artificial Intelligence Simulation 

Device which delivers multiple, non-auditory information alerts to a user 

Dynamic PET scans with noninvasive blood sampling 

Engineered strain of BCG vaccine for safe quality control during TB tests

High-throughput screening tool for a protein target of Alzheimer’s disease 

Improving treatment response prediction and monitoring for tumors in medical imaging 

Mathematical model with medical imaging to optimize visualization of heart myofiber geometry 

Metabolic syndrome mouse model that displays all related disorders 

Random-access microscopy for high-throughput optical screening 

Rapid detection of Legionella pneumophila with aptamers 

Signal amplification of gene detection with polymeric nanospheres

Small animal restraining system for brain imaging

Target and biomarker in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) 

Two prostate cancer biomarkers help identify metastatic tumors 

Ultra-sensitive multiplexed assay that limits noise from non-specific binding 


LED lighting for plant growth beyond the red or blue spectrum 

On-the-spot soil analyzer with multiple sensors 

Rapid and simple analytical device of soil particle proportions 

Solvent-free chemoenzymatic degradation of plastics 

Simple and effective hydrogen production for sustainable energy 

Simple and dynamic measurement of greenhouse gas emissions from the soil 


Catalyst-free functionalization of aromatic groups in medical compounds 

Improved microfluidic mixing with oscillating bubbles and sharp edges 

Lateral growth of semiconductor films directly on amorphous substrates 

New method of integrating synthetic and biological polymers 

Peptide synthesis method with imidazolium-type ionic oligomers 

Synthesis of water-soluble sequence-controlled polymers 


Accounting for geological uncertainty in a complex mining optimization model 

Biocompatible and toughened multilayered bone graft 

Biocompatible and non-destructive modification of scaffold surfaces for tissue engineering

Biological Osteopontin-based dental coating to fill tooth cracks 

Implant with porous microstructure and high strength biomaterial

Machine for more effective hard rock drilling operations 

Reversible shape morphing of metamaterials 

Recycling method of excess aircraft composite material 

Suppression of food borne pathogens with microbial biosurfactants


Floor-based vibration feedback for information display 

Inexpensive steering guidance for most tractor models

Two-dimensional optical spectrometer with dual pulse shapers 


Delivery system for radiation therapy with more control over beam 

Development of novel direct inhibitors of KRAS mutants as anticancer agent 

Development of pan-inhibitors for castration-resistant prostate cancer treatment 

Fully soluble ubiquinone formulation for mitochondrial diseases 

HIV-1 RNA target site for the development of HIV drug or gene therapy 

Identification of an ion channel target in the treatment of osteoarthritis pain 

Identification of the receptor for Lionfish venom 

IGF-Trap: An engineered biological for cancer treatment 

Improved fatigue life safety in new self-expandable stent design 

Increasing the cytotoxic activity of CD8 cells for cancer immunotherapy 

Inhibition of bacterial resistance to aminoglycosides with novel prodrugs 

Inhibition of MCL-1 with small molecules in multiple cancers 

Method of injecting collagen gels with a variety of biomedical uses 

Novel, dual-targeted small molecule inhibitor of PKC and Aurora A kinase against cancer 

Production of a gel coated suture alternative to braided sutures 

Production of induced pluripotent stem cells from renal epithelial cells with a novel collection kit 

RightRx enables community and hospital medication lists to be easily reconciled 

Synthesis of novel analgesics for neuropathic pain syndromes

Targeting dopamine receptor D2 to inhibit cancer cell proliferation in PDAC patients

Target for the production of natural FSH in fertility treatment

TLR4 agonist for the treatment of cocaine addiction 


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