Pictured: Jennifer Martin del Campo, Ph.D. candidate, Catalytic Process Engineering for Sustainable Energy Conversion Technologies. 

For Faculty and Researchers 

Creativity and innovation fuel McGill's research enterprise. I+P can help your research group to advance your work, protect intellectual property and execute a business development strategy. 

I+P works in partnership with researchers and inventors. We provide researchers with consultation and tailored support on any matter concerning the commercialization of research.Explore our services or contact our team to set up a one-on-one meeting to discuss the potential of your research to benefit society, the economy and the environment at large.

What we do:

I+P enhances potential synergies both within the McGill research community, and with industry partners through the following activities: 

  • Tailor and negotiate research agreements while protecting academic freedom.
  • Manage and fund IP protection (when necessary and appropriate) to create a window of opportunity for investment and further technology development.
  • Assess reported inventions for patentability and commercial potential.
  • Guide researchers for compliance with regulations.
  • Represent the McGill research community and its needs when interacting with industry.
  • Promote McGill technology and expertise to attract partnerships and investments.
  • Connect internal and external stakeholders to bring expertise and resources together.
  • Support grant applications with industrial components.

Working with Industry

Whether through established long term partnerships or proactive meetings with new companies in and around Montreal, Innovation and Partnerships is continuously building and maintaining industrial partnerships - from the small company to the large multi-national, from international companies wanting to start doing business in Montreal to government contracts.

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