For Industry Partners 

McGill's innovation ecosystem increasingly involves diverse partners. I+P seeks to turn collaborative efforts into shared benefits by connecting partners with the right ideas, technologies and opportunities. 


There are various ways to partner with McGill University, depending on your requirements and budget. Collaborations can range from indirect support of ongoing research activities to contracting very specific research projects and specialized services. We can also facilitate access to expertise from highly qualified personnel, and to student interns as well.

Other benefits of sponsoring research at McGill University include:

  • Priority access to technologies that result from research
  • Direct and rapid access to experts, specific expertise, key opinion leaders, and a wide range of cutting edge equipment
  • Productive relationships with faculty members with expertise related to your organization’s research interests
  • Federal R&D tax credits
  • State-of–the-art research facilities

If your company is interested in providing goods or services to McGill University, please contact Procurement Services.


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