Working with Students

From research projects that provide valuable experience to graduate students to seminars on firms' scientific niches, McGill places a high value on both the practical and educational benefits its students derive from interacting with industry.

McGill has a pool of more than 35,000 undergraduate and graduate students and offers a variety of opportunities for industry to engage with them, depending on specific needs, the type of engagement sought, and whether or not funding is available:

  1. Sponsored research projects. McGill collaborates with industry partners worldwide to find innovative solutions to today’s business problems. These research teams are led by our renowned researchers, but are powered by the our highly qualified graduate students. For more information on sponsoring a research project at McGill, see Conducting research at McGill.

  2. Graduate student internships. Please visit Student internship programs.

  3. Hiring undergraduate or graduate students, including for:
    • undergraduate internships;
    • undergraduate and graduate co-op positions;
    • full-time positions after graduation;
    • summer or part-time employment; and
    • volunteer opportunities.

    Please consult Hire a Student for more information.

  4. Lectures & seminars. Companies wishing to provide lectures or seminars on cutting-edge technologies or on their own operations are encouraged to contact the relevant faculty or school.

  5. Capstone undergraduate projects. Many undergraduate programs incorporate solving problems relevant to industry as part of their final year’s curriculum. Students benefit from the mentoring and practical application of their training and education, while companies get a privileged opportunity to meet and work with a highly qualified workforce. To enquire about or suggest possible projects, please contact the relevant faculty or school.