Research Contracts and Service Agreements

Research contracts

Companies that wish to conduct research activities with specific budgets and timelines can engage in research contracts. The terms and conditions of a contract cover issues like confidentiality, intellectual property rights and deliverables.

Projects are led by the McGill professor and typically involve more senior research personnel, such as postdoctoral students and research assistants, rather than graduate students.

Service agreements

A service agreement is used when a McGill employee renders a service and provides the results to a client. The difference between a service agreement and a research agreement is that no intellectual input or value-added is provided by McGill and no publishable results are expected. As a result, the sponsor retains all rights to the intellectual property provided by the client and owns the results. Confidentiality of the client’s information is typically perpetual.

Example of this type of activity are testing/measurements on specialized equipment or the evaluation or analysis of materials or compounds.

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