Licensing Opportunities

Currently, McGill has more than 260 inventions with commercial value available for licensing and development by the private sector. These technologies cover many fields, including health care and biotechnology, advanced materials, agriculture, and engineering.

On a yearly basis, McGill has an average of 30 active licenses and options in place. In licensing McGill's technologies to industry, the OSR strives to meet the needs of both the University and its industrial partners. To reach potential partners, the Commercialization officers rely on their network of contacts in industry, attend business partnering conferences and list the available technologies on the OSR website. Since 2007 McGill is a member of the Flintbox® Network, a global intellectual property exchange that provides easy and open access to innovation and collaboration. Flintbox has over 10,000 registered users and 200 different organizations across six continents which expands our reach significantly.