Synthesis of novel analgesics for neuropathic pain syndromes


Published: 11Oct2019

Invention 2018-064

Synthesis of novel analgesics for neuropathic pain syndromes


Novel drug-drug salts and co-crystals for neuropathic pain treatments have been synthesized at McGill University.


Market Need

Neuropathic pain (NPP) and complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) are one of the chronic pain conditions that have a sub-optimal treatment efficiency and poor safety profiles. Patient compliance with medication is also low because of serious side effects with systemic treatments, especially since a lot of neuropathic pain is localized. For the production of new drugs, hypoxia and oxidative stress mechanisms have generated a lot of interest because of their central role in chronic pain for CRPS and NPP. While individual drugs have been separately developed, their mixture would be an expensive experimental process.


Technology Summary

This invention instead synthesized several novel drug-drug salts or co-crystals of anti-hypoxic drugs and anti-oxidative nutraceuticals made of two or more active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) from those two drug groups. The process preserves each individual drug’s integrity while still allowing the product to be dosed and studied as a single agent. Novel APIs and in vivo data documenting efficacy in well characterized animal pain models was gathered after generation of a topical drug formulation.



  • Effective results of drug-drug salts and co-crystals have been obtained in well recognized animal pain models
  • Easy application of drugs in a topical formulation


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