Revised Report of Invention Form now online


Published: 24Mar2014

The first step to disclosing an invention is to complete a Report of Invention (ROI) form. A revised ROI form is now available online here: The form was updated to address changing conditions concerning software and issues of copyright. The format remains similar to the previous version, but provides McGill’s inventors with greater flexibility in describing their technology and identifying their collaborators.

As in the past, forms may be submitted electronically, by fax or sent by confidential mail to the OSR Commercialization Officer identified for the Faculty, or directly to the Commercialization Team. Before the OSR can begin the evaluation process, the form must be complete, signed and dated by all inventors, and all affiliations must be noted. Be sure to include as much information on the invention and on potential co-inventors as possible. In addition to McGill researchers, McGill students, and in some cases technicians, may also report inventions. Please discontinue using the previous version of the form. Only the revised form will be accepted by the OSR.

Researchers have no obligation to report inventions, except if they want to commercialize; however, the advantages to reporting inventions are many, including: 

  • McGill Commercialization assumes all IP protection costs.
  • McGill Commercialization will find partners and negotiate licenses or support the creation of spinoffs.
  • Revenues are shared between researchers (60%) and McGill (40%).

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