McGill and FAU join forces for AI in Medicine

21 Jan 2020

Globalization is such a well-established notion, it requires no explanation, but what might surprise some is to what extent it is prevalent in higher education. In countries such as the UK and...

Launch of McGill's Open Labs calendar


Innovation and Partnerships will launch a calendar to advertise labs on campus opening their doors to fellow students and researchers. ...

Future Ready: The Graphene Innovators

27 Mar 2019

What is a million times thinner than a human hair, yet 200 times stronger than steel? What is lighter than paper, yet stretches up to 20% of its length?

Future-Ready: McGill's Sabrina Leslie

5 Feb 2019

In a cavernous space in Professor Sabrina Leslie’s lab, recent PhD graduate Dr. Daniel Berard is analyzing live videos of fluctuating single oligonucleotides—short molecules of DNA—as they are...

Sustainable Labs Working Group Resources for Researchers

11 Dec 2018

The Sustainable Labs Working Group brings together students, staff and faculty working to embed sustainability considerations into lab processes.  For Researchers

SciVal Access at McGill

7 Dec 2018

Starting in December 2018, Elsevier’s SciVal is available to McGill’s faculty members, students and staff. SciVal is an on-line bibliometric tool based on the Scopus database that offers research...

Hydrogen hunter

21 Sep 2018

Adrian Liu, of the Department of Physics and McGill Space Institute, was recently appointed a CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholar, in the areas of Gravity and the Extreme Universe. Liu is among 12 early...

Welcome to our new website

18 Sep 2018

Our new site has taken flight. Some features of the new site include:


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