Call for applications: Canada Research Chair (Deadline)


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2018 MS Xchange


Dr. Jack Antel, Dr. Pierre Duquette and the 2018 MS Xchange Scientific Planning Committee invite you to attend the 7th annual MS Xchange Conference on Friday, November 16th at the University of...

New insight into aging

Published: 19Sep2018

Plasticity is enhanced but dysregulated in the aging brain...

The link between obesity, the brain, and genetics

Published: 28Aug2018

When it comes to weight gain, the problem may be mostly in our heads, and our genes...

Welcoming the 2018-2019 HBHL Trainee Committee

Published: 19Sep2018

As part of its goal to train and support young researchers in neuroscience, Healthy Brains for Healthy Lives (HBHL) provides an opportunity for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who...

Daring to explore with physician astronaut David Saint-Jacques

Published: 4Sep2018

By Diane Weidner, Steinberg Centre for Simulation and Interactive Learning...

Special Seminar: MNI IPSC/CRISPR Platform


Sex specific heterogeneity across human AD co-expression modules identified by meta-analysis of the human brain transcriptome Ben Logsdon, PhD

New cities may make millions more vulnerable to climate change

Published: 10Sep2018

A forthcoming study of over a hundred new cities being built around the world suggests developers and planning authorities are doing very little to make their projects resilient to climate change....