Services for Researchers: Office of the Vice-Principal (R&I)

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Strategic Initiatives 

Director: kristina.ohrvall [at] (Kristina Öhrvall)

  • Institutional Programs: Oversees planning and administration for strategic institutional programs:
  • Infrastructure Grants  Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) and provincial programs.
  • Large-scale initiatives: e.g. Canada Excellence Research Chairs (CERC); Canada First Excellence Research Funds (CFREF);  Genome Canada; Indirect cost (Research Support Fund).
  • Development of major research initiatives: Dedicated support for complex, large-scales, cross-faculty and interdisciplinary initiatives with funding from multiple sources;
  • Policy & Planning: Revisions and development of research-related policies and guidelines; Key Performance Indicators, reports and briefings for the university administration.

Finance Communications and Human Resources

Director:brett.hooton [at] ( Brett Hooton)

  • Provides central services (finance, HR, logistics, work environment) to the Research and Innovation (R&I) team of approximately 90 employees.
  • Oversees the day-to-day operations of R&I.
  • Plans and administers R&I budget and staffing.
  • Processes and reconciles expenses.
  • Provides administrative support for the VP-R&I and AVPs.
  • Organizes a wide range of internal and external events in support of research.
  • Directs and produces communications materials related to R&I portfolios and research at McGill more generally.
  • Maintains R&I website and social media platforms

Research Ethics & Compliance

Research With Human Subjects

Director: lynda.mcneil [at] (Lynda McNeil)

  • Develops and implements University and Research Ethics Boards policies, guidelines and procedures for research involving human participants
  • Oversees the operations of 4 Research Ethics Board
  • Advises and provides educational outreach to the University community to assist in ensuring compliance with policies and procedures

Animal Compliance Office

Director: suzanne.smith [at] (Suzanne Smith)

  • Advise the University Community on CCAC and UACC policies and guidelines and provide services to researchers to assist in maintaining compliance in the use of animals in science
  • Administer local and central committees overseeing the animal care and use program and therefore process submissions of protocols, disseminate information, alert of changes, assist and liaise with the different sectors of the program and outside organizations
  • Give user support and administration of the on-line protocol and animal facility management software


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