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McGill Reporter
October 11, 2007 - Volume 40 Number 04
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Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam! FYI!

Join us as we unearth the hidden gems and secret places on the websites of McGill University and its affiliated institutions.

McGill anti-spam resources

"Lovely Spam, wonderful Spam,

Monty Python to the contrary, there's nothing wonderful about those endless, evil pitches for Viagra clogging up your email in-box. Luckily, McGill's e-mail system is pretty well armed against them, but you can enhance your account's particular settings. Details and fine-tuning instructions are on the first website listed above, and you can add particular email senders to your blacklist at McGill's "Yourspam" site, listed second.

Please note: McGill anti-spam works slightly differently for students vs. faculty and staff, so please read the appropriate instructions.

Store your excess email with EVault

Speaking of email, Enterprise Vault (EVault) email storage is a great service for staff or faculty members who routinely go over their maximum stored email quota. It installs quickly, doesn't change the way you use Outlook and forever banishes that ominous "Foolish human! You have gone over your email quota, start deleting now!" message*. Details and instructions for requesting EVault are on the website.

*I paraphrase.

For your (tech) information

For your information is the new online newsletter from McGill's Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO), designed to keep the university community informed about cool information technology developments at McGill. Yes, "cool" and "information technology" can go together in the same sentence. Just have a look at the Jetsons-like student response system that's been handed out to 2,800 students on both campuses.

Caption follows
TurningPoint's new student response system, to be used in many undergrad courses this semester.

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