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McGill Reporter
September 26, 2002 - Volume 35 Number 02
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Open letter to MAUT

September is the time to renew membership at the gym. Once again, the rates have gone up. It now costs $360 a year ($460 including the fitness centre, over $500 with tax). On top of this, there are locker charges, towel fees, booking fees and program fees.

This letter is to urge the MAUT to negotiate with the university to eliminate these fees. As faculty and staff of the university, we should be able to use the resources without charge. Although I have not done a thorough study, I know of no Canadian university that charges fees for faculty and staff to use their sports facilities. If the university is serious about staff fitness, then the staff should be encouraged to use the gym by eliminating the fees.

I recall that many years ago the Faculty Club had high monthly fees. The fees were based upon salary: the more you made, the more you paid. This was changed to a $1 a month fee (presently $3) for everyone, to encourage faculty to use the Faculty Club. I do not use the Faculty Club. I, like many people, use the gym. I would not object to a $3 charge a month for the gym use.

I urge members of MAUT to support this proposal by writing to MAUT or emailing MAUT@po-box.mcgill.ca.

Bryan Sanctuary
Professor of Chemistry

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