Freshly scrubbed faces

Freshly scrubbed faces McGill University

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McGill Reporter
September 12, 2002 - Volume 35 Number 01
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Freshly scrubbed faces

As you pick up this, the first McGill Reporter of the year, you may barely notice a difference. Dear reader, there is. The fine Daniel McCabe, editor for four years and associate editor before that under the stewardship of Diana Grier Ayton, is now working in Development and Alumni Relations (once again working with Diana).

After a scant year as associate editor, I've stepped up to fill his considerable brogues and brought aboard regular Reporter writer Mark Reynolds to walk in my pumps (well, Birkenstocks more likely). No other changes on the horizon -the Reporter cast continues to be a superb ensemble that makes sure the show runs as smoothly as possible.

My only regret about taking over from Daniel is that he did such good job - how can I make a splashy debut? I'll certainly miss his patience and goofy humour, but maybe not his inscrutable manner of mystery. He made it look too easy.

I had a lot of fun as associate editor, covering facets of McGill from timbersports to cutaneous leishmaniasis to indigenous nutrition. I hope Mark will enjoy the work too, as long as he keeps promising to be my loyal henchman. There's certainly never a dull moment being editor - yet it's a challenge and responsibility I don't take lightly. I'm convinced the Reporter has one of the most diverse and discerning audiences a paper could hope for.

I invite you all to keep an eye out for new features on McGill's history and architecture, increased coverage of graduate studies and arts, as well as your favourites, like page 3 profiles, pithy Senate coverage and the back page slice of life. Please feel free to keep me on my toes with suggestions and feedback. And keep reading.

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