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Cultivating a thorough understanding of the world’s religions and the roles of religion throughout history and in contemporary society is at the heart of the Faculty of Religious Studies’ teaching. The Faculty takes a multi-disciplinary approach to scholarship on a plurality of religions and incorporates a broad range of perspectives and methods. In studying the world’s religious traditions, we emphasize the ways in which religious expression and practices are embedded in culture, politics, aesthetics, and social change.

Areas of Study

The Faculty's programs currently span four Areas of Research/StudyAsian ReligionsBiblical StudiesChristian Thought & History, and Religion & Culture.

Our home

The Faculty of Religious Studies is lucky to call the beautiful William and Henry Birks Building home. In addition to classrooms, offices, and common rooms, the Birks Building accommodates the Birks Heritage Chapel - open to all members of the McGill community regardless of faith - and the Birks Reading Room.