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International Migratory Bird Day in Hudson

May 13, 13:30-16:30

Environment for the Americas is celebrating International Migratory Bird Day to raise awareness of the birds that connect the countries across the Americas through their migration. For this occasion, Le Nichoir and the Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) have organized a series of activities and a Wild Family Nature Club to celebrate the return of our migratory birds back from their journey south.

We are excited to host one of the three Wild Migration Maps, a giant 11m x 8m floor map, showing the migration pattern of 20 at-risk Canadian species. Come and retrace the migration of birds across the Americas, learn about the wonders of migration and the reasons behind it. Play migration-related games and go on a walk outside. This series of fun and educational activities is for ages 6 and up with an adult. Please dress for the weather (outdoor component).

Where? Stephen F. Shaar Community Center, 394 Main, Hudson, J0P 1H0. Cost: Free. Ages 6 and up: parents and children enjoy the fun together. Online registration required.
PHOTO: Chuck Kling, 2001.