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Sunday Discovery Workshops and Tours

Family Discovery Workshops

June 19: Fossils and Father's Day

13h-14h 30

(in English)

Learn about the deep time fossils and geology of Montreal and make a fossil replica to take home. This workshop is for the whole family. We will all start with the fossil replica making and then take a short walk outside to hunt for fossils in the nearby building stones.  

Cost: $8/ father, all other family members FREE

Réservation : 514 398-4094 OR 514-398-4092 OR redpath.museum @mcgill.ca

Sunday Stories @ Museum

14h - 15h

(in English)

New at the Museum this summer: Storytime for the whole family! With educator Judith Derlachter.

COST: $8/family/ Sunday OR $20/ series of three Sundays/family. Payable at door.

RSVP in advance: 514-398-4094 OR 514-398-4092 OR redpath [dot] museum [at] mcgill [dot] ca.

June 5: Dinos



June 12: Animals



June 19: Mummies

July 17: Making Tracks!

(in English)

13h30 - 15h

Learn about animal tracks and how to identify them in the wild. Make your own tracker's scarf to take home.

Cost: $8/ child, all other family members FREE

Reservation : 514 398-4094 OR 514-398-4092 OR redpath.museum @mcgill.ca

Sunday Afternoon Informal Guided Tours

The Museum is open on Sunday afternoons for visits by individuals or families. Every Sunday there is an informal bilingual introduction to the museum's dinosaur collection — including the new Triceratops skull (collected under permit from the Royal Saskatchewan Museum), the Gorgosaurus, Dromaeosaurus, and the link between dinosaurs and birds. These presentations are given by Dinoman, aka Bruno Paul Stenson.  He is in the Dawson Gallery on the second floor of the Museum every Sunday between 13h and 17h.

Every Sunday afternoon the student guides in the Redpath Museum Club provide informal tours of the Mineral exhibits, the Egyptian exhibits and the Biodiversity exhibits. 
No reservations necessary. Everyone welcome.

PHOTOS: By Hossein Taheri, 2012.