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Science pour tous: Mount Royal flora: the forest and the human story

May 9, 17h - 19h (in English)

With Eric Richard (Directeur des services éducatifs, Les Amis de la montagne),  Kakwiranó:ron Cook (Aboriginal Outreach, McGill)

This 24 heures de science event helps us to discover a variety of stories about the plants that grow on the mountain and learn about the strong connection between native people and local flora. The forest on Mount Royal has been known by humans since prehistoric times. Wood was used for construction and tools, many plants were collected for food and others for medicinal uses.  For example, white cedar bark from the mountain was prepared by the St. Lawrence Iroquoians and provided to early newcomers as a tonic against scurvy. This event starts with brief presentation in the Museum, continues with walk to the Hochelaga monument and finishes with traditional Huron-Wendat ceremony and strawberry refreshment near the Kondiaronk White Pine on Mount Royal's summit behind the Belvedere. Part of this presentation will be led by Darrell Thompson, a traditional Mohawk medicine man. The complete talk and walk is two hours. Please bring your own snack to share at the Kondiaronk White Pine behind the Belvedere.

WHERE: Start at the Redpath Museum at 17h. FINISH: Belevedere of Mount Royal at around 19h with refreshments.

FREE but suggested contribution:  $10 regular adult/ $5 student, child, senior, Max: $20/family.


IMAGE: Bloodroot blooming in May. Photo credit: Les amis de la montagne

Genomes to/aux Biomes Montreal 2014

May 25 – 29, 9h -17h                                                             

Joint meeting of the Canadian Society of Ecology & Evolution (CSEE), the Canadian Society of Zoology (CSZ) and the the Society of Canadian Limnologists (SCL). The scientific program includes keynotes talks and plenary sessions open to the public at the Redpath Museum. Check here for details.

At the Redpath Museum, Auditorium:

Catherine Potvin (McGill)  on May 26, 6:30 - 7:30. Check her Facebook page.

Paul Nicklen, Photographer for National Geographic on May 28, 6:30 - 7:30 PM.  See his TED Talk and video on YouTube.



What Buildings Tell: Fossils Hidden in Plain View

Fossiliferous Montreal building stones feature in the current issue of Ornamentum magazine. Learn about some of the surprising and decorative adornments in Montreal building stones. Read more here.

Photo: Fossilized orthocone cephalopod preserved in wall of le Chateau Apartments, Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal. By Kendall Birker, 2013.

Redpath Museum and Researchers in the News

The Passenger Pigeon featured in "La résurrection de la tourte disparue depuis un siècle" on Radio Canada (April 6, 2014)

The "Many faces of the Redpath Museum" by Hattie Lui, McGill Tribune (April 9, 2014).

Watch the interview with Redpath Museum Collections Manager Anthony Howell on Global TV.  Broadcast on Thursday Feb. 27, 2014, Global  TV host Richard Dagenais interviewed Anthony Howell and explored what it took to become a Collections Manager at a Natural History Museum.

Virginie Millien discusses the link between her research and the ticks that can carry Lyme's disease in the October 10th edition of David Suzuki's The Nature of Things.

Read all about the Museum's history and current research work in the January / February 2014 issue of MUSE, published by the Canadian Museums Association.

Long standing volunteer and Council member of the Friends of the Redpath Museum: Elinor Patterson, died on April 2, 2014. Her obituary recalls that after graduating with a B.Sc. in 1946, she was active with the McGill Alumni Association and first started at the Museum as a docent guide. Elinor was involved at the Museum for 60 years, retiring officially in December 2013.

Photo: James Lindsey at Ecology of Commanster. Wikipedia. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license.

Bring the Redpath Museum into your school!

Distance Learning with the Redpath Museum

Check out what a live video conference tour with you might look like: watch this short video

Your class of any grade or age level can now visit the Museum without having to take a field trip! Our video conference program features three interactive, one hour long live streaming sessions with a museum educator in the Redpath Museum galleries. You need a video conference connection (VLAN) in order to connect with us.

What: Choose one of three one hour sessions: Triceratops & Dinosaur Excavation, Mummies & Ancient Egyptian Life or Quebec Biodiversity. Your class will ask questions, interact with the museum educator, and work on activity sheets during and after the videoconference.

Who and how: Trained educators from the Museum animate and interpret natural history specimens using a variety of educational props. Each presentation includes a teacher’s guide with activity sheets and interactive elements that are relevant to MELS curriculum and can be used before, during and after the videoconference. The teacher’s guide gives a more detailed description of the videoconference session so the students can be prepared with questions and information in advance, or work on one of the supplementary activity sheets.

Audience: Any elementary- or secondary-school school with a video conference connection in Quebec; also other groups such as Girl Guides or Scouts, home schools, or after-school that have a video conference connection (offered at many Community Learning Centres in Quebec); not suitable for pre-school age groups. Each session has curriculum competencies outlined here.

Language: Offered in English and French

Length of presentation: One hour, including testing the video conference connection, the presentation, and a period for questions. For kindergarten and grade one, session is 30 minutes.

Themes: dinosaurs, fossils, volcanoes, ancient Egyptian life, mummification, plants and animals and their adaptive properties, endangered and invasive species and nature conservation.

FEE: $135 (includes taxes). Book your video conference with Redpath museum by emailing science [dot] outreach [at] mcgill [dot] ca or calling 514-398-4094.

With support from Ministère de la Culture, des Communications, et conditions de femmes, Aide pour les institutions muséales reconnues.

The Fossils' Tale

Redpath Museum gallery guideThe Redpath Museum is proud to announce its latest publication, The Fossils’ Tale. This lavishly illustrated book is a self-guided tour through the history-of-life collections at the museum and can also be enjoyed at home. The Fossils’ Tale explains why fossils are important, how they’re formed, and what they tell us about who walked this planet before us. The 96-page book contains detailed descriptions and beautiful photographs of museum exhibits and fossil specimens that tell the amazing tale of life on Earth over its four and a half billion year history.

$15 CAD with a cash or cheque contribution made to: Redpath Museum/McGill University. Shipping included. For book orders, contact sarah [dot] pimpaneau [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Sarah Pimpaneau) or call 514-398-4086 ext. 00549.

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