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Students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels will find many courses and programs of interest at the Redpath Museum. In addition to courses on science writing at undergraduate and graduate levels the museum offers a new course on science and museums. This course (REDM 400: Science and Museums) covers how natural history collections are created, maintained and used in scientific research.

The Museum offers a B.Sc. Minor program in Natural History. The aim of this program is to foster a broader knowledge of the natural world so that students will acquire the tools and vocabulary of museum-based research and conservation. Natural history comprises those sciences that are amenable to hypothesis testing via comparative methods. Thus a solid understanding of natural history informs and underlies scientific investigations in many disciplines.

The museum also offers a Concentration in Biological Diversity and Systematics in association with the Department of Biology and a Domain in Biodiversity and Conservation in association with the McGill School of the Environment.

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Minor in Natural History. Department coordinator: Rowan Barrett.

Teaching Concentration in Biological Diversity and Systematics (Biology)

Domain of Biodiversity and Conservation (McGill School of the Environment)

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