Tyrannosaurus rex

Tyrannosaurus rex: jaw

Redpath Museum Tyrannosaurus rex skull fragments are on loan from the Chicago Field Museum. The pieces of jaw with teeth are casts of the real fossil bones from the Tyrannosaurus rex named “Sue”.

Name means: Tyrant Lizard King
Group: Theropoda
Adult size: 12 metres long (39 ft), 5-6 metres high (18-19 ft)

Tyrannosaurus rex: size comparison
Weight: 6 tonnes
Lived during: Late Cretaceous (74 million years ago)
Group: Theropoda

Diet: Carnivore, probably scavenged meat from animals that were already killed rather than chasing and hunting fresh prey.

Distribution: Fossils discovered in western North America

Other info: Teeth had serrated edges like a steak knife for sawing flesh.

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1) Mike Chung (Redpath Museum).
2) Matt Martyniuk. Accessed at the Wikipedia Commons. License terms.