Nature walks, talks and tours

We hold different outdoor activities for adults and families throughout the year.

July 21 and Sept. 8

14h - 16h30: Stones Bike tour

This family-friendly bike trip explores the fossils and rocks, architecture, and secret spots in Montreal's building stones. We will picnic on market fresh cheese, baguette, fruit near North American's oldest milestone in Westmount.  The tour ends with the stony ghosts of Griffintown near the old Lowny's chocolate factory. In English.

Cyclists only.

COST: $15 (includes taxes) / adult, $10 (includes taxes) seniors/students, $5 (includes taxes) / child (must be at least 12 years old). Payable when you arrive at the Museum.

RESERVATIONS necessary here.

Crinoid fossilJuly 28 and August 4

14h - 15h

Stones and Fossils Walking tour

A walking tour of the fossils, minerals, and secret spots found in the walls of some of downtown Montreal's proudest institutions. The tour starts at the Redpath Museum and ends at the Beaux Arts Museum. Includes a printout of text and images from the booklet What Building Stones Tell. In English.

What Building Stones Tell: A Walking Tour Focussing on the Fossils, Rocks and Minerals of Montreal BuildingsAll ages welcome. Reservation necessary here.

COST:$10.00 (+ taxes) adult, $5.00 (+ taxes) / student/ child/senior; max $20.00 (+ taxes) family. Payable at the Museum. 

Please arrive 20 minutes in advance to check-in and pay at the welcome desk.

August 3


Trees and Us - a walking tour for the whole family 

Discover the wonderful world of trees. Find out how to identify and age some of the most in-TREE-ging trees on the McGill campus. Learn how to read the marks and rings in a tree cookie. Taste some edible tree snacks full of nu-TREE-ents. 

In English. For children and adults of all ages.  Space is limited and advanced registration required.

We will be outdoors, so please wear appropriate clothing for the weather and good walking shoes.

COST:$10.00 (+ taxes) adult, $5.00 (+ taxes) / student/ child; max $20.00 (+ taxes) family. Payable at the Museum. Fee includes a copy of the booklet Leafy Legacy - The trees of McGill University.

Please arrive 20 minutes in advance to check-in and pay at the welcome desk. Reservation necessary here.

McGill Survival Workshops

Tuesdays, 12h - 13h

With Wilderness and outdoor educators from the Coyote Program led by Steph. See more information about the Coyote Program. 

In English

COST: $10/non student ; $5/ student/senior, payable at the Museum.

Please arrive 20 minutes in advance to check-in and pay at the welcome desk. Reservation necessary here.

Sept. 10: Foraging for wild edibles

Oct. 8:  Salve making with plants

Nov. 5: Wood carving

Dec. 3: Fire making


Wild Family Nature Clubs

Do you love getting outside to play and explore nature? We do too! Come and learn about the Canadian Wildlife Federation's Wild Family Nature Club program. Find out how you can start your own club and receive a CWF backpack full of activity cards and gear. All for free!