Hands-on resources

Available for use in the Museum

Redpath Museum Scavenger Hunt

A fun way to get children exploring and engaging with the Museum's exhibits. Two versions available:

Available for use off-site

Giant floor map

Follow the migration paths of 20 at-risk species that call Canada home.

As part of the Canadian Wildlife Federation's WILD Migration program, you can book the giant floor map and box of activities for your school or centre for March, April, May or June. The program also offers online learning materials, accessible at any time.

All map materials, props and lesson plans are delivered to and picked up from your location and it's all free. Book now to be sure to get your dates! For more information, please contact OutreachMontreal [at] cwf-fcf.org.

Minerals Rock!

The Minerals Rock! mineral identification kit includes five boxes containing a total of 18 mineral specimens, plus hand lenses, magnets, scratch plates, and mineral ID cards – everything you need to learn how to identify minerals using colour, crystal shape, and hardness.




Venues ON the Island of Montreal

Venues OFF the Island of Montreal

Borrower picks up from and returns to the Museum

$100.00 (plus taxes)

$125.00 (plus taxes)

Museum delivers to borrower's location (includes a brief in-class introduction and orientation)

$150.00 (plus taxes)

$175.00 (plus taxes)

To book the Minerals Rock! kit please email science.outreach [at] mcgill.ca or call 514-398-4094.

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The Redpath Museum's teaching resources are made possible by funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada's PromoScience program.