Walking tour: What Building Stones Tell


Redpath Museum Starts on the front steps of the Redpath Museum. , 859 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal, QC, H3A 0C4, CA
COST:$10.00 (+ taxes) adulte, $5.00 (+ taxes) / étudiant / enfant; max $20.00 (+ taxes) famille

A guided walking tour of the fossils, minerals, and secret spots found in the walls of some of downtown Montreal's proudest institutions. The tour starts at the Redpath Museum and ends at the Beaux Arts Museum. Includes a printout of text and images from the booklet What Building Stones Tell. In English.

All ages welcome. Reservation necessary: office.museum [at] mcgill.ca

COST:$10.00 (+ taxes) adult, $5.00 (+ taxes) / student/ child; max $20.00 (+ taxes) family. Payable at the Museum