Unicorn Day at the Redpath Museum


Redpath Museum 859 rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal, QC, H3A 0C4, CA
$7 per child, maximum $15 per family. Parents FREE.

Unicorn Day

Have you ever wondered about unicorns? Why do unicorn-like creatures pop up independently in so many different cultures and traditions around the world?  What are the origins of unicorn mythology? Are these purely mythological creatures, or could we find them if we looked hard enough? And are the unicorn horns found in many European ‘cabinets of curiosities’ really from unicorns? Could we - or have we already - created a unicorn through genetic engineering? Join us on ‘Unicorn Day’ and find the answer to these, and many other questions! The day will feature a talk by McGill PhD students Emily Bamforth (Redpath Museum, Biology) and Eliza Rosenberg (Religious Studies) called ‘A Field Guide to Unicorns’, all about unicorns and unicorn mythology. There will also be other unicorn-themed activities, including a scavenger hunt to find some ‘unicorn-like’ creatures in the Museum galleries.  In English. Reserve in advance. Call 514-398-4094.

IMAGE: The Hunt of the Unicorn, from the Unicorn Tapestries, a series of seven tapestries dating from 1495–1505. It is believed the tapestries were made in the Southern Netherlands. From Wikimedia Commons.

$7 per child, maximum $15 per family. Parents FREE.