Special Report: Patient Experience 2014-18

Person-centred Care

Navigating the healthcare system after a cancer diagnosis can be a difficult and trying experience for patients and their families.

To understand and improve the patient experience, we have to understand that all interactions that occur within the healthcare system can affect the patients perception of care.

Within the Rossy Cancer Network, our vision is to provide world-class cancer care based on a person-centred approach to the design of care services.

Getting patient feedback

To that end, we sought feedback from patients in order to identify gaps in service, gain insights into issues that are causing negative effects on patient care, and design service improvements based on patient values.

We chose a standard survey to evaluate the experience of patients in the RCN partner hospitals. The Ambulatory Oncology Patient Satisfaction Survey (AOPSS) was developed and validated by the National Research Corporation (NRC Health). It is also used across Canada and in the United States so it allows us to compare our results with those of other patients in other provinces.

The survey evaluates overall care as well as six specific care domains that are important to the patient experience.

This special report summarizes findings from 5 years of patient responses. We encourage you to explore the results: 

>>Flipthrough the online version.

>>Download the PDF. 

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