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CQI Research Fund

The RCN wants to support your research initiatives in improving cancer care quality for patients in the network.

As part of its Cancer Quality & Innovation Program, the RCN Research Fund was developed to support the partner hospitals in becoming recognized leaders in the field of cancer care quality, while developing research and training platforms for the rapid generation of scientific knowledge relevant to cancer care quality. 

This exciting initiative will empower health care teams to continually improve cancer care delivery and patient satisfaction, increase survival rates and reduce the burden of cancer. 

The annual grants will fund 2 projects of up to $100,000 each. 

Who can apply

The RCN Research Fund is open to all health care professionals actively involved in the provision of care to cancer patients within the RCN network of hospitals.

You don't have to be a research scientist to apply. The grants are open to anyone with an interest in the development of knowledge in cancer care optimization. 

The list of eligible professionals includes, but is not limited to:

  • Physicians
  • Nurses and all nursing-affiliated personnel
  • Rehabilitation experts (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, kinesiology, speech therapy, etc)
  • Psychosocial health experts
  • Other professionals that participate in the delivery of care to cancer patients


The RCN Research Grants will support proposals that reflect a collaborative effort from at least 2 partnering hospitals, with a proportionally equivalent participation form each partner.

Proposals should also contain an educational component. There is no restriction on the type of training and eligible candidates (e.g. Masters’ student, research resident, internship for nurse-in-training).

The number of applications that submitted by one individual (as a main applicant, co-applicant or collaborator) is not limited, however applicants and co-applicants must be affiliated to the three RCN partner hospitals: the McGill University Health Centre, the Jewish General Hospital and St-Mary’s Hospital Centre. Outside expertise can be sought for the role of collaborator.



Examples of previously funded applied research projects include:

  • optimizing post-operative care pathways for cancer patients
  • understanding challenges for cancer survivors
  • and developing innovative approaches to managing treatment-related adverse events.

Read about past recipients for more details.



Only original applications will be considered. The RCN Research Grants will not award funds if overlapping or comparable support for the same project has been obtained (even partially) from another funding source. Should the proposal subsequently get funding from another source, the corresponding amount will be withheld. The main applicant is responsible for securing ethics approval for the proposal. 

Research funds cannot be used to :

  • support clinical drug trials,
  • support travel or meetings,
  • support indirect expenditures (e.g. leasing or maintenance, reimbursement of indirect costs assumed by host institutions),
  • supplement or replace institutional / clinical operating budgets,
  • provide salary support for the main applicant, co-applicant(s) or collaborators.

Furthermore, funding is not recurrent.