QI2 - Quality Improvement Initiatives Fund

The RCN QI Initiatives Fund was established to empower health care teams by supporting Quality Improvement Initiatives for cancer care and health services across Rossy Cancer Network (RCN) hospitals. 

The Fund specifically supports projects with a focus on the operational aspect of quality improvement that have the potential to directly impact the quality of cancer care.

An RCN Project Manager will be assigned to each successfully funded QI2 project. The Project Manager will support the Principal Applicant with budget management, project risks identification and mitigation, deliverables and timelines and project performance and quality evaluation.  In addition, cancer registrar expertise and bio-statistical support will also be contributed by the RCN.

Funding is open to all health professionals directly involved in the provision of cancer care. Proposed initiatives should reflect collaboration among the network’s partners, by involving at least two or more RCN hospitals.


  • Accomplish RCN’s mandate of improving the quality of cancer care received by the population served by the RCN partner institutions (the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), the Jewish General Hospital (JGH) and St/Mary’s Hospital Center (SMHC).
  • Facilitate the deployment and execution of RCN strategic priorities and vision. https://www.mcgill.ca/rcr-rcn/strategic-direction
  • Enhance opportunities to create common projects and network initiatives investments to support cancer care improvements at all RCN partner institutions.
  • Support cross-institution collaborative care so as to develop optimal outcomes for cancer patients across the network.
  • Seek to achieve an optimization of cancer patient care and services at the highest quality and safety levels across the RCN partner institutions in a manner that is seamless from the patients’ perspective.


The RCN QI2 Fund is open to all health care professionals actively involved in the delivery of health care to cancer patients within the RCN network of hospitals and. All applicants must be employed or hold a position at one of the RCN hospitals. 

The list of eligible professionals includes, but is not limited to: 

•    Physicians 
•    Nurses and all nursing-affiliated personnel 
•    Rehabilitation experts (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, kinesiology, speech therapy, etc.) 
•    Psychosocial health experts 
•    Other hospital-based professionals that participate in or who have an interest in the delivery of care to cancer patients 

Available Funding

Support offered through the QI2 Fund is focused principally on making specialized skill sets available to support cancer teams in achieving their care improvement objectives. Therefore, funding for projects is structured the following way:

1.    RCN Resources allocation:  A portion of the funding is provided in the form of personnel support from the pool of specialized professionals at the RCN. These include:

2.    Additional financial  Support:
Additional support for a maximum of $30,000 is available for items such as: specific skills not available within the RCN workforce (e.g. nurse, I.T. programmer…etc), equipment, material, third-party services/vendors). 
Please note:
-    Additional human resource expenditures should not exceed $10,000
-    Any budget items in this category will be bound to comply with hospital procurement policies. Any item surpassing the amount of $15,000 requires specific justification and may require at least 3 competitive quotes.

RCN Project manager

An RCN Project Manager (PM) will be assigned to each awarded QI2 project. This person and the Principal Applicant bear joint responsibility for:

  • Budget management and elaboration
  • Project Charter 
  • Deliverables and timelines
  • Project risks identification and mitigation
  • Communication plan
  • Project resources 
  • Project reporting to RCN leadership at monthly intervals
  • Project performance and quality evaluation
  • Scope management

Use of Funds

  • QI2 funds provided must be used exclusively for the achievement of the approved QI2 project.
  • QI2 funds provided must be spent in accordance with the budget approved by the RCN review committee. 
  • QI2 funds cannot be used for indirect expenditures such as leasing or maintenance, reimbursement of indirect costs assumed by host institution(s) or replacement of missing hospitals operational resources. 
  • The cost of human resources will be covered by the RCN contribution. However, an estimate of the person/time required must be included in the proposed QI2 project budget. RCN reserves the rights to revise proposed budget and exclude expenditures based on its mission.
  • Funds will not be issued in advance to the Principal Applicant or to a participating partner institution; they will be released on invoices/reimbursement basis according to hospital procurement policy and upon approval by RCN Director of Operations or delegate. All expenses/invoices related to the project must be pre-approved by the PM.
  • Management of funds must comply with internal local purchasing & procurement policies  
  • QI2 funds cannot be used to supplement or replace institutional / clinical operating budgets.



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