Direction générale de cancérologie

(From right to left): Dr. Jean Latreille, director of the Direction québécoise de cancérologie, Dr. David Eidelman, dean of McGill's Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Samuel Benaroya, chair of the RCN Executive committee, and Dr. Wilson Miller, clinical lead of the RCN.

As a network of cancer centres working within the provincial arena of cancer control, the RCN seeks to align its work with the goals of the Direction générale de cancérologie. This alignment is an extension of our drive to follow best practices and to harmonize care.

We believe that by working together with our regional cancer control agency, we can set an exemplary model for the province of what’s possible when institutions unite behind a common vision to improve the quality of cancer care for all Quebecers.

The RCN’s Strategic Priorities evolved from the areas of impact targeted by our programs, and fall naturally in line with the DGC’s goals.

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