2019 Priorities

In 2019, the RCN has refocussed its initiatives. All forthcoming projects will be mapped against the following.

Five Pillars of Improvement

1. Access to specialized care

The RCN should put into place a mechanism that would allow patients to have timely access to the network, no matter where their initial entry point is.

2. Harmonized Tumour Boards

Regardless of what tumour board a patient might end up getting to, the care that is prescribed and the standard of care they would receive should be at the same high level, based on the evidence and tailored to the patient.

3. Access to Clinical Trials

Common clinical trials across all the RCN facilities will be available. Patients will be moved to tertiary sites for specialised quaternary interventions.

4. Trajectories of care

The primary care team provides case management, assures continuity of care for the whole patient and coordinates with colleagues across the trajectory using RCN data and facilitation of data transmission.

5. Proximity of treatment and care

The best cancer treatment and care beginning with prevention through to recovery and/or palliative care as well as perioperative care will be delivered when possible primarily close to home.






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