Mission, Vision & Goals


To improve the quality of cancer care received by the population served by the McGill Academic Health Network (MAHN)* 


To establish within ten years The Rossy Cancer Network as a world-class comprehensive cancer network with outcomes in cancer survival, mortality, and patient satisfaction as good or better than those of the leading international comprehensive cancer centres, such as Memorial Sloan-Kettering, Dana Farber and MD Anderson.


  1.  To establish shared strategic goals and clinical operations among the member organizations within The Rossy Cancer Network, with a focus on the best possible outcomes for the population served (as measured by standardized patient satisfaction, cancer survival, and mortality), the consistent delivery of high quality care (as measured by common evidence-based guidance statements and concordance with evidence), and the tracking and global benchmarking of performance.
  2. To establish strong inter-organizational governance to improve cancer care among the member organizations within the network.
  3. To forge strong clinical (physician, nurse, and other health professionals) leadership structures to deliver clinical excellence at the disease site level.
  4. To invest in platforms (e.g. IT, clinical evidence) to support performance improvement across the member organizations within the network.
  5. To establish The Rossy Cancer Network as a recognized centre of excellence among Quebec cancer programs as a transformative resource for cancer care in Quebec and Canada.

* McGill University, McGill University Health Centre, St Mary's Hospital Center, Jewish General Hospital, Douglas Mental Health University Institute

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