RCN Executive Committee

(From left:) Ari Meguerditchian, Armen Aprikian, Wilson Miller, Samuel Benaroya, Adrian Langleben and Gerald Batist (not pictured: Eduardo Franco, Manon Allard, Christine Bouchard, Erin Cook).



  • Mandated by the RCN Governance Group (former Executive Committee), the RCN “new” Executive Committee makes decisions of a strategic nature in accordance with the vision, mission and objectives of the RCN approved by the Governance Group and in accordance with the gift agreement approved by the partners ;
  • Sets the strategic priorities of the project plan and recommends its approval to the Governance Group;
  • Recommends the adoption of the annual budget to the Governance Group;
  • Ensures that the complex issues of university hospitals and McGill faculty are taken into account in the implementation of RCN objectives;
  • Ensures that policies, priorities and objectives of the RCN are taken into account by its partners;
  • Approves the annual report to be submitted to the Governance Group and makes appropriate recommendations;
  • Ensures the maintenance of harmonious and productive relationships between partners and ensures the prevention and settlement of risks and major problems;
  • Adopts its operating rules and sets up a process for resolving disputes.


(in alphabetical order)

  • Manon Allard: Nursing director, St. Mary's Hospital/CIUSSS Montreal West
  • Armen Aprikian: Chief, Cancer Care Mission, McGill University Health Centre
  • Gerald Batist: Director, Segal Cancer Centre, Jewish General Hospital
  • Samuel Benaroya: Associate Vice-Principal of Health Affairs, McGill University (Committee chair)
  • Erin cook: Clinical Administrative Coordinator, Oncology, Segal Cancer Centre, Jewish General Hospital
  • Eduardo Franco: Chair, Department of Oncology, McGill University, Faculty of Medicine
  • Adrian Langleben: Chief, Department of Oncology, St. Mary's Hospital Center/CIUSSS West-Central Montreal 
  • Ari Meguerditchian: Cancer Quality & Innovation Program Lead, Rossy Cancer Network
  • Wilson Miller: Clinical Lead, Rossy Cancer Network
  • Christine Bouchard: Clinical Administrative Coordinator, Cancer Care Mission, McGill University Health Centre
  • Tony Teti: Director of Operations, Rossy Cancer Network  (Secretariat) 


  • Alla'a Ali: Senior Quality Initiatives Manager, Rossy Cancer Network

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