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Employee Self-ServiceAcademic Salary Policy


The Employee Management section has moved - Access here!

The new HR-APO Knowledge Base was built with your needs in mind, this new platform allows HR and APO to share regularly updated content specifically tailored to employees. The KB currently contains Workday-related documentation, APO-related procedures and 2021 Annual Compensation Review documents. 

Supervisors, Workday Heavy Users and HR/Academic Affairs representatives are being granted advance access. Between now and the all-staff launch, employees without advance access can continue to consult the Workday Employee Self-Service job aids on the R2R website and/or contact hr.hr [at] mcgill.ca (HR) or academic.personnel [at] mcgill.ca (APO) as usual.


Academic Salary Policy

(For Compensation Partners and Academic Salary Policy Reviewers)

  Last Updated
Academic salary policy
    Guidelines, Memos and Data    
        APO Website: Academic Salary Policy and Academic Salary Data Open 2021
    Workday Job Aids    
        For Department Open 2021-03-03
        For Faculty Open 2021-03-03
        For Chairs Open 2021-03-03


Employee Self-Service

(For employees - Managing your personal and professional information)

[Getting Started - Workday Mobile - Benefits - Career - Pay - Personal Information - Time Entry - Absence Management]

  Last Updated
Getting started with Workday
    Basic Navigation English Français 2020-07-20
    Advanced Navigation and Troubleshooting (View roles, profiles, find BPs and view status, etc.) English - 2020-10-19
    Identify your place in the organization English Français 2020-07-20
    The trusted devices functionality English Français 2020-07-20
    Data security (Introduction, protecting HR data while using Workday, roles and responsibilities) English - 2020-10-02
    Network restrictions (When to use VPN) English - 2020-10-02
Workday mobile
    Download the Workday mobile App English Français 2020-07-20
    Overview of the mobile functionalities English - 2020-07-20
    Benefits enrollment manual: For employees English Français 2020-07-20
    Manage your career interests (Job interests, skills and experience) English Français 2020-07-20
    Apply for jobs and refer candidates English Français 2020-07-20
    Applying at McGill University - Guide for External Candidates English Français 2020-12-21
    Applying at McGill University - Guide for Internal Candidates English Français 2020-10-26
    Onboarding Guide (first time logging into Workday, onboarding steps, benefit enrollment, resources) English Français 2021-03-02
    Work study program for students --> for program information and applying through MyFuture English Français 2020-09-03
    Manage your pay options (Payment and withholding elections) English Français 2020-10-07
    The new pay slip: Video English Français 2020-07-14
    The new pay slip: Manual English Français 2020-07-14
    View and print tax documents English Français 2021-02-23
    MCLIU Calculator - Calculate the amount per pay, for each contract of a Course Lecturer Download 2021-03-03
Personal information
    Modify your personal information (Contact info, emergency contacts, IDs, name, photo) English Français 2020-07-20
    Request an Employment Confirmation Letter (Reference Letter) English Français 2021-02-16
Time entry
    All about time tracking in Workday English Français 2021-03-24
    How to enter time in Workday English Français 2021-03-24
    Time entry calendar updated user interface (effective March 15, 2021) English - 2021-03-11
Absence management
    Request sabbatic leave of absence guide English Bientôt disponible 2020-09-18
        Request sabbatic leave of absence:  For applicants/initiators  English Bientôt disponible 2020-09-18
    Employee's Guide to Time Off Plans English Bientôt disponible 2021-01-16
    Request time off and leaves of absence English Français 2020-10-20
    Leave of absence manual: For initiators English Français 2021-02-16
    All About Summer Fridays and How to Manage Worked Summer Fridays in Workday English Bientôt disponible 2021-03-24



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