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A modern Human Resources Management System (HRMS)

We have selected Workday as our web-based HRMS. It integrates a broad range of processes including hiring, personal information management, payroll management and much more. It provides a state-of-the-art technology capable of supporting McGill's needs, well into the future.

Workday is recognized as the premier personnel management software in higher education. Major North American universities including many AAU institutions such as Brown, Yale, Cornell, Georgia Tech, NYU, Penn State, Texas A&M, Ohio State, University of Southern California, University of Washington, Chicago have successfully implemented this system. UBC is also currently implementing the full Workday suite (HCM, Finance and Student). From the start of the project, McGill conducted a benchmark analysis with several of these universities and will continue to benefit from the lessons learned and best practices of these peer institutions.

Working with this new HRMS, McGill will:

  • Automate the employee management processes;
  • Help simplify and standardize procedures;
  • Have access to real-time data on the University's workforce;
  • Be able to make timely informed strategic choices;
  • Continue to have well integrated software solutions (central IT systems, external systems and local applications).


Workday: A Cloud Solution

Workday is a cloud solution, also called "Software as a service" (SaaS). McGill opted for this solution, as the best choice in terms of software quality and infrastructure sustainability:

  • A cloud solution is owned, delivered and managed by the provider. McGill pays for the service, not for the license.
  • To ensure evolving best practices, the features are the same for all customers. There can be some configuration exceptions as per McGill's needs.
  • Updates are frequent and easier to manage than with our in-house systems.
  • Data can be accessed from anywhere via internet using tablets, laptops, or desktops.
  • Satisfies all local security & regulatory compliance requirements.


User-friendly Interface

Workday provides a user-friendly interface and intuitive ways to navigate through workflows and information.


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Data Security

In the context of selecting and implementing Workday, McGill ensured that :

  1. For the duration of the contract with Workday, personal information will be hosted in its data centers located in the European Economic Area. It is generally recognized that countries in the European Economic Area offer protection equivalent to that afforded under Quebec privacy laws;
  2. The cloud vendor and hosting services implemented were independently verified to ensure conformity to leading cyber security best practices;
  3. The configuration of the Workday solution leveraged new security measures that improved the cyber-security posture of employees’ data compared to our previous system.

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