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R2R Team Members Experience “Workday Rising"

During the week of October 9th, four members of the R2R team were among the 8,000 participants at the annual Workday Rising conference held in Chicago. Fabiana Rassier, Andrew Staples, Gerald Jojic and Angela Karkatsoulis, who attended the conference, have been involved in R2R for many months. In their roles, they work to achieve the best business process design in their fields of expertise and are actively participating in configuring Workday to meet McGill’s needs.

The Rising conference offers an opportunity to:

  • Hear from world-renowned thought leaders;
  • Gain practical Workday knowledge and learn how to optimize Workday;
  • Connect with Workday experts and other universities who have implemented or are in the process of implementing Workday;
  • Learn about the new features and innovations on the horizon; and
  • Gain insight into relevant content across the core areas of human resources, technology, payroll, workforce management, finance, higher education and student administration.

Throughout the year, Workday customers, employees and partners interact, share insights, collaborate and learn through the Workday Community site. This conference is the annual chance to see the Workday community come to life (read reason to be excited about Workday #3).


Key Takeaways

In addition to the many workshops tailored to higher education, our team members participated in a new activity at Rising this year: the “braindates”. These in-person, peer-to-peer learning and networking opportunities encourage Workday users to share their collective wisdom and experiences. 

Our team members said: 

Quotes from Process Owners
Image by Quotes from Process Owners.

During the conference week, the R2R participants made invaluable connections with other higher education institutions, with whom they remain in contact and continue to exchange ideas as we progress toward our respective implementations of Workday. McGill’s four Workday Rising participants mentioned that post-Rising, they felt more “empowered to collectively bargain and to seek appropriate solutions from Workday that will be beneficial to the university.

Upon their return from the conference, they shared their findings with the rest of the R2R team and delivered a report to the program’s Sponsors and the Steering Committee. Among the host of elements to ensure the success of our Workday implementation, they identified:

  • The need to communicate earlier and more frequently with affected staff;
  • The importance of promoting this initiative at the senior administration levels to encourage traction and engagement in the broader community;
  • The necessity to build a strong network of Change Champions across all Faculties and Units;
  • The benefits of involving staff from all functional areas in the testing phases;
  • The importance of seeking direct collaboration with Workday to advance our goals.

As a Workday customer, McGill will continue to be eligible to attend the future Workday Rising conferences and will benefit from the outstanding value it delivers every year.

For more information, visit the Workday Rising 2017 official website: http://www.workdayrising.com/


Photos of the Workday Rising Experience

Workday Rising Photos

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