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QLS Seminar Series - Arjun Krishnaswamy



Molecular cues for the assembly and function of retinal circuits

Arjun Krishnaswamy, McGill University
Tuesday April 20, 12-1pm
Zoom Link: https:/mcgill.zoom.us/j/91589192037

Abstract: Intricate patterns of connectivity among neurons are critical for our abilities, and all too often, disabilities. Our goal is to understand how such patterns, called circuits, arise by studying the assembly of neural circuits in the mouse retina. Here, the specific connections among ~120 retinal interneurons and ~45 retinal ganglion cells create circuits that detect visual features such as motion direction. Today, I will present our recent work showing that members of the cadherin and immunoglobulin superfamilies play a critical role in establishing such specific connections and creating circuits that detect features in the visual scene.

Contact Information

Alex DeGuise
coordinator.qls [at] mcgill.ca

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