Logo Design

Logo for the Provost's Taskforce on Indigenous Studies & Indigenous Education
Image by Marcy Maracle.
Logo design by Marcy Maracle B.Sc '15

Logo Design


About the artist

In 2015, Marcy graduated from McGill University, earning the first Bachelors degree of Science in her family; she currently studies at OCAD University and is working toward a BFA in digital media and game design. Marcy is part of   the wolf clan, and grew up in the rural First Nations reserve Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, located in Southern Ontario. In her time at McGill, she volunteered with numerous organizations including the Kateri Memorial Hospital   Centre, and helped create the Indigenous Student Alliance group at McGill. In the future, she hopes to pursue a career in medicine, and work with rural and remote Indigenous communities in Canada to improve healthcare delivery and cultural integration.



Symbolism in the logo

This design represents Indigenous peoples (the feather) as supported by the earth (the trees), the moon (on the left), and the sun (behind the feather). The moon phases (on the left) represent the passage of time, as well as the growth and change implicit in the flow of history that surrounds each of us. On the lower right, the three lines represent the three major Indigenous cultural groups in Canada (First Nations, Inuit, Métis), as well as representing     emotions through their visual similarity to tear drops (tears, which of course can be the result of both happiness and sadness). The notch in the feather’s right side acknowledges pain, and the closed notch on the left acknowledges healing. The modern nature of the design combined with traditional imagery is intentional, as Indigenous culture has not been left behind in history, but is constantly evolving and growing with the contemporary world. Together, each component of the design speaks to ongoing efforts to redress historical legacies of injustice and restore relationships with Indigenous peoples.

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