Fei Gu

Academic title(s): 

Assistant Professor

Contact Information:

Office: Stewart Biology Building, W7/3K
Phone: 514.398.5053
Email: fei.gu[at]mcgill.ca


Mailing Address:
Department of Psychology
1205 Dr Penfield Avenue
Montreal, QC
H3A 1B1



Research Areas:

Quantitative & Modelling

Research Summary:

Professor Gu is generally interested in the development and applications of the state space methods in educational and psychological research. Particularly, he currently focuses on (1) the study of mediation by means of state space model; (2) the state space approach to analyze multilevel data; and (3) the goodness-of-fit of state space model using the bootstrapping techniques.

Selected References:

Gu, F., Preacher, K. J., & Ferrer, E. (in press). A state space modeling approach to mediation analysis. Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics.

Gu, F., Preacher, K. J., Wu, W., & Yung, Y.-F. (in press). A computationally efficient state space approach to estimating multilevel regression models and multilevel confirmatory factor models. Multivariate Behavioral Research.

Gu, F., & Yung, Y.-F. (2013). A SAS/IML Program using the Kalman filter for estimating state space model. Behavior Research Methods, 45(1), 38-53.