Ukrainian Aid Initiative

Mental Health Support for Ukrainian Refugees and Their Families

Our Initiative

McGill’s Professor Virginia I. Douglas Center for Clinical Psychology in the Department of Psychology is launching a volunteer initiative which will aim to provide timely psychological support to Ukrainian refugees. The departmental clinic is in a unique position to do this since it is under the leadership of Dr. Nate Fuks, who is originally from Ukraine and speaks Ukrainian and Russian fluently.

Canada is currently receiving a large number of Ukrainian refugees. In support of those affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Canadian government created the Canada-Ukraine authorization for emergency travel (CUAET) to help Ukrainians and their family members come to Canada as quickly as possible and to provide them with the ability to work and study while in Canada. With the continuation of the war and the ongoing destruction of infrastructure in Ukraine, the number of refugees will likely increase exponentially. Many refugees arriving in Canada have experienced significant trauma and are suffering from mental health problems, which seriously complicates their ability to adjust well to their life in Canada.

Free mental health services will be offered to Ukrainian refugees and their families by specially trained psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, counselors, psychiatrists, and nurses. Volunteer helping professionals will be provided free training on the assessment, causes, symptoms, and effects of trauma, as well as introduced to cutting-edge evidence-based approaches to working with trauma, including principles of psychological first aid, IFS, EMDR, and attachment work. The volunteers will also be offered cultural and linguistic competencies workshops and peer supervision groups to prepare and support them in their work.

How You Can Help

  • By donating funds: Please donate now here.
  • By providing services: More information can be found here.



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