Psychology: Macnamara Lecture Series - Dr. Michael Corballis

Friday, October 2, 2015 15:30to17:00

On Friday October 2nd, 2015 McGill Psychology Department will host Dr. Michael Corballis, who will deliver an annual Macnamara lecture of interest to many members of the University.

Main Lecture will take place at 3:30pm. Location: MCMED 504. Free admission.

Morning Seminar will take place at 10:30am. Location: Stewart Biology Building, S2/2. Free admission

Reception will follow the lecture in Stewart Biology Building: 8th floor lobby. Everyone is welcome!

About: Dr. Michael Corballis is an outstanding cognitive scientist and an engaging speaker.  He is a former McGill professor, now at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.  For a large part of his career he studied hemispheric specialization of the human brain.  More recently, he has been exploring ideas about the evolution of human cognitive abilities.  For example, he is known for his argument that human language evolved from manual gestures rather than from animal calls. 

For more information about the speaker please visit our website.

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