Psychology: Lecture- Dr Joanne Davila

Friday, October 30, 2015 15:30to17:00

About: Joanne Davila, Professor of Psychology at Stony Brook University, will be giving a talk entitled “Romantic Competence in Emerging Adults: Skills for Healthy Relationships”  Prof. Davila is internationally known for her research on interpersonal stress, social skills, and depression in adolescence and adulthood. 

Seminar will take place at 3:30pm   Location: Stewart Biology Building, W7/21. 

Romantic Competence in Emerging Adults: Skills for Healthy Relationships

Research has taught us a great deal about the components of a healthy romantic relationship, as well as the factors that result in unhealthy ones.  What is missing is a unifying focus on the skills it takes to create the components of a healthy relationship and reduce the actions that lead to unhealthy ones. This presentation focuses on the construct of romantic competence and describes a model of the skills people need to function well in their romantic lives. The construct of romantic competence will be described. Data supporting its reliability and validity will be presented, and the ways in which romantic competence has the potential to unite a broad array of theory and research on romantic relationships will be discussed. 

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