ECHO-Autism: Co-Occurring Neurodevelopmental Conditions



Event Overview 

Dates: August 25, September 15, 19, October 13, 27, November 10, 24, 2022
Format: Virtual/Online
Price: Free
Language: English

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About the ECHO model

The Extension of Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO) modelTM consists of a platform for both delivery of services and outcomes research, with the purpose of reducing health disparities by erasing barriers between specialty and primary care, particularly in underserved and remote areas. Using a videoconferencing system, Project ECHO achieves this goal by using a hub-and-spoke knowledge-sharing approach where teams of expert specialists lead virtual clinics catered to health professionals in local communities.

Each session includes a didactic lecture on a specific topic followed by a case study by an attendee and group discussion.


ECHO-Autism: Co-Occurring Neurodevelopmental Conditions

The ACAR Clinic will host a 7-session virtual ECHO-Autism workshop, with a focus on co-occurring conditions related to autism, starting on Thursday, August 25, 2022 as part of its Clinical Capacity Building Program.

The ‘hub team’ panel of experts includes professionals from disciplines in genetics, neurology, neuropsychology, speech-language pathology, and developmental pediatrics, as well as a parent advocate.

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2022 Workshop Programme
Session Details

Thursday, August 25

How a geneticist assesses a child with autism

Presenter: Melissa Carter

Thursday, September 15

Language disorder

Presenter: Myriam Beauchamp

Thursday, September 29

Frequently used genetic tests for children with autism

Presenter: Melissa Carter

Thursday, October 13

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in autism

Presenter: Marta Perez-Morgui

Thursday, October 27

Epilepsy and autism

Presenter: Raluca Pana

Thursday, November 10

Managing sleep issues in autism

Guest panelist: Beth Malow

Thursday, November 24

The alphabet soup of diagnosis: A parent perspective

Presenter: Geneviève Côté-Leblanc

Watch excerpt of Geneviève Côté-Leblanc's 2021 ECHO-Autism presentation, "Beyond Diagnosis"


ECHO-Autism: Co-Occurring Neurodevelopmental Conditions Workshop

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About ACAR

The Azrieli Centre for Autism Research (ACAR) is a research centre for autism and other neurodevelopmental conditions (such as language disorders and developmental delays) that connects researchers and clinicians across The Neuro (Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital), McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) and other McGill University-affiliated institutes.

­We bring together clinical care, research and training to help advance science and improve health services for patients and their families.

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