The Department of Psychiatry boasts over 100 researchers, who work together to promote world-class investigations on issues relevant to mental health. We have a diverse group of outstanding scientists who are internationally recognized, carrying out pioneering work in all research disciplines.



Focus Area of Research

jorge.armony [at] (Dr. Jorge Armony, PhD)


Emotion, fMRI, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

serge.beaulieu [at] (Dr. Serge Beaulieu, MD, PhD) DMHUI Affective disorders
david.benrimoh [at] (Dr. David Benrimoh, MD) DMHUI Using computational psychiatry and machine learning/artificial intelligence to better understand early psychosis and psychosis onset, with a view to developing novel treatment protocols

veronique.bohbot [at] (Dr. Veronique Bohbot, PhD)


Auditory and visual spatial memory,
virtual reality, plasticity.

diane.boivin [at] (Dr. Diane Boivin, MD, PhD) DMHUI Sleep, circadian rhythms, affective disorders.
Dr. Marie-Josée Brouillette, MD,FRCPC MUHC HIV and cognition
Rasch analysis
Interferon-alpha and depression

alain.brunet [at] (Dr. Alain Brunet, PhD)


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder; assessment, peritraumatic responses, longitudinal studies, early interventions, neurobiological

nicolas.cermakian [at] (Dr. Nicolas Cermakian, PhD)


Circadian rhythms in the context of mental health and immunity.

nicolas.cermakian [at] (Dr. Mallar Chakravarty, PhD) DMHUI Computational brain anatomy.
mahsa.dadar [at] (Dr. Mahsa Dadar, PhD) DMHI  
bruno.debruille [at] (Dr. J. Bruno Debruille, MD, PhD) DMHUI

Consciousness, schizophrenia, psychosis, cognition, semantics, event-related brain potential, direct functional brain imaging.

simon.ducharme [at] (Dr. Simon Ducharme, MD, MSc, FRCP(C)) MNI Neuropsychiatry, frontotemporal dementia, neuroimaging, brain development and aging

david.dunkley [at] (Dr. David M. Dunkley, PhD)


Cognitive-personality vulnerability to depression, self-critical perfectionism, longitudinal studies of
stress generation and stress reactivity models, coping and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

salah.elmestikawy [at] (Dr. Salah El Mestikawy, PhD)


Neuroscience, neurotransmission, animal models, preclinical research psychiatric disorders, post-mortem examinations of human neuropathologies.

frank.elgar [at] (Dr. Frank Elgar, PhD) Inst. 
for Health
& Social
Social and economic determinants of health and human development.

catherine.fichten [at] (Dr. Catherine Fichten, PhD)


Cognitive-behaviour therapy - adults

Marie-Josee.Fleury [at] (Dr. Marie-Josée Fleury, PhD)


Organizational and policy analysis; mental health services evaluation; integrated service
networks; needs assessment.

cecilia.flores [at] (Dr. Cecilia Flores, PhD)


Cellular and molecular mechanisms by which experiences in adolescence alter ongoing brain development, rendering individuals susceptible or resilient to psychiatric disorders.

nancy.frasure-smith [at] (Dr. Nancy Frasure-Smith, PhD)


Psychosomatics; psychosocial factors in adjustment to cardiovascular disease; mechanisms linking psychosocial factors and
cardiac mortality (sudden cardiac 

bruno.giros [at] (Dr. Bruno Giros, PhD)


Molecular neurobiology and
neuropsychopharmacology. [at] (Dr. Ian Gold, PhD)


Philosophy of psychiatry

alain.gratton [at] (Dr. Alain Gratton, PhD)


Function and dysfunction of mesocorticolimibic dopamine neurons; stress effects on central motivational processes; neuropeptide
interactions with 
dopamine neurons.

kyle.greenway [at] (Dr. Kyle Greenway, MD) LDI

Depressive disorders, clinical trials, pharmacology, psychotherapy, ketamine and psychedelics

danielle.groleau [at] (Dr. Danielle Groleau, PhD)


Psychocultural determinants of compliance after a heart attack;hyperemesis gravicarum in immigrant women; psychocultural 
determinants of low 
breastfeeding rates among disadvantaged French Canadians, etc.

reut.gruber [at] (Dr. Reut Gruber, PhD)


Child development, ADHD and sleep studies.

lily.t.hechtman [at] (Dr. Lily Hechtman, MD)


Stimulant and multimodal treatment of children,
adolescents, and adults with attention deficit disorders.

srividya.iyer [at] (Dr. Srividya Iyer, PhD) DMHUI Youth mental health and early intervention, especially for psychotic disorders in Canada and beyond
janique.johnson-lafleur [at] (Dr. Janique Johnson-Lafleur, PhD) LDI

Transcultural psychiatry, intercultural competence training, youth mental health and wellness, social polarisations, qualitative and mixed methods, participatory research.

ridha.joober [at] (Dr. Ridha Joober, PhD) DMHUI Neuroleptic resistant schizophrenia; load-responsivity of the frontal cortex in first-degree relatives of schizophrenic patients.
sherif.karama [at] (Dr. Sherif Karama, MD, PhD) DMHUI neurobiological underpinnings of cognitive ability changes throughout the lifespan

laurence.kirmayer [at] (Dr. Laurence J. Kirmayer, MD)


Cultural psychiatry; psychiatric anthropology; philosophy of psychiatry; mental health of Indigenous peoples, immigrants and refugees; global mental health

eric.latimer [at] (Dr. Eric A. Latimer, PhD)


Economic analysis of mental health programs; Assertive Community Treatment; economic issues related to supported employment for
people with 
severe mental illness.

katie.lavigne [at] (Dr. Katie M. Lavigne, PhD)


martin.lepage [at] (Dr. Martin Lepage, PhD)


Cerebral organization of human memory in healthy and psychiatric populations using functional neuroimaging techniques such as
PET and fMRI.

marco.leyton [at] (Dr. Marco Leyton, PhD)


The neurobiology of addictions and addiction related neuropsychiatric disorders, as studied with PET/fMRI, drug challenges and other neurotransmitter manipulation strategies.

eva.libman [at] (Dr. Eva Libman)


Sleep, chronic fatigue syndroms, behavioral medicine.

naguib.mechawar [at] (Dr. Naguib Mechawar, PhD)


Glia, neuroplasticity, and neuroinflammation in depression and suicide.

naguib.mechawar [at] (Dr. Xiangfei Meng, PhD) DMHUI Population mental health and neuro-psychiatric epidemiology; bio-psycho-social attributes of common mental disorders; early life stress
romina.mizrahi [at] (Dr. Romina Mizrahi, MD, PhD) DMHUI Clinical Pharmacology; Neuropharmacology; Psychopharmacology Imaging Brain Chemistry in Psychosis and Patients at Clinical High Risk for Psychosis
majid.mohajerani [at] (Dr. Majid Mohajerani, PhD) DMHUI  
maxime.montembeault [at] (Dr. Maxime Montembeault, PhD) DMHUI

Neurodegenerative diseases (primary progressive aphasia, frontotemporal dementia, Alzheimer’s disease), Language, Social cognition, Emotions, Neuropsychology, Neuroimaging

naguib.mechawar [at] (Dr. Corina Nagy, PhD) DMHUI Depression, single-cell molecular neurobiology, functional genomics, epigenetics, sex difference
massimiliano.orri [at] (Dr. Massimiliano Orri, PhD) DMHUI

Risk and protective factors for suicide and self-harming behavior across the lifespan using methods from psychiatric epidemiology, developmental psychopathology, and behavioral genetics traditions

roberta.palmour [at] (Dr.) roberta.palmour [at] (Roberta M. Palmour, PhD)


Genetic analysis of major psychiatric diseases, in man and in model systems (experimental animals and cultured cells); neurochemical
mechanisms in 
inherited metabolic diseases.

lena.palaniyappan [at] (Dr. Lena Palaniyappan, MD, PhD) DMHUI

Youth mental health, Early intervention, Psychosis, Depression, ADHD, Neuroimaging, Brain Stimulation, Speech and Language, Machine Learning

michel.perreault [at] (Dr. Michel Perreault, PhD)


Evaluation of health service systems and development and validation of measures of expectation and satisfaction of patients and
relatives regarding 
services for mental health.

myra.piat [at] (Dr. Myra Piat, PhD)


Recovery, mental health, consumer perspective, participatory research, housing, peer support, caregivers, qualitative methodology, evaluation
services, homelessness and mental illness.

judes.poirier [at] (Dr. Judes Poirier, PhD)


Alzheimer's/neurodegenerative diseases, genetics and pharmacogenomics.

remi.quirion [at] (Dr. Rémi Quirion, PhD)


Alzheimer's disease, neuropeptides, neuroprotection, cell death and psychiatric illnesses.

maria.rajah [at] (Dr. Rachel Rabin, PhD) DMHUI Effects of drugs of abuse on cognitive function in psychiatric (e.g., schizophrenia) and non-psychiatric populations
soham.rej [at] (Dr. Soham Rej, MD, MSc, FRCPC) JGH Geriatric Psychiatry, Randomized Clinical Trials, Technology-Assisted Behavioral Interventions (Virtual Reality, Zoom, Sensors, Phenotyping, Robots), Mind-Body Interventions (Mindfulness, Meditaiton, Yoga, Tai Chi, Exercise, Health Education), Psychedelic Therapy, Late-Life Depression, Anxiety, and Dementia.
jesse.renaud [at] (Dr. Jess Renaud, PhD) MUHC  

joseph.rochford [at] (Dr. Joseph Rochford, PhD)


Behavioural pharmacology of learning, memory and motivation; influence of learning on pain sensitivity; behavioural effects of anxiolytic and 
antidepressant drugs; neuropharmacology of attention.

pedro.rosa [at] (Dr. Pedro Rosa-Neto, MD, MSc, PhD)


Translational neuroimaging, human and animal imaging, PET, MRI, neurodegenerative disease, dementia. Director of Translational
Neuroimaging Laboratory.

cecile.rousseau [at] (Dr. Cecile Rousseau, MD)


Cultural psychiatry; mental health and adaptation of refugee children and adolescents from Southeast Asia, Central America and Somalia.

norbert.schmitz [at] (Dr. Patricia Silveira, PhD)


DMHUI Biology of developmental mechanisms in the risk for chronic adult disease.

l.srivastava [at] (Dr. Lalit K. Srivastava, PhD)


Role of developmental mechanisms in the etiopathology of schizophrenia, brain dopamine receptor regulation, biochemical and genetic
studies on neural 
cell adhesion molecules.

howard.steiger [at] (Dr. Howard Steiger, PhD)


Genetic and epigenetic processes in eating disorder development; Treatment response to specialized treatments; Motivational factors in eating disorder treatment; Comorbidity.

florian.storch [at] (Dr. Florian Storch, PhD)


Circadian rhythms and mouse genetics.

eszter.szekely [at] (Dr. Eszter Szekely, PhD) LDI Integration of complex genomic, neuroimaging and behavioral data to the study of developmental psychopathology.

brett.thombs [at] (Dr. Brett D. Thombs, PhD)


Mental health screening, clinical trials, patient-engaged research, mental health in people with medical conditions, rare diseases, meta-research.

gustavo.turecki [at] (Dr. Gustavo Turecki, MD, PhD) DMHUI Suicide, depressive disorders, functional genomics, epigenetics, early-life adversity,
gene-environment interaction, neurobiology

claire-dominique.walker [at] (Dr. Claire-Dominique Walker, PhD)


Influence of stress on reproductive functions during lactation in the rat and  developmental
aspects of the stress response.

robert.whitley [at] (Dr. Rob Whitley, PhD)


Recovery, Stigma, Men’s Mental Health, Veterans’ Mental Health, Qualitative Methods, Participatory Video, Religion and Mental Health.

sylvain.williams [at] (Dr. Sylvain Williams, PhD)


Studies on the cause of Alzheimer's Disease using electrophysiology and other techniques to better understand the physiological interactions
on neurons 
within the septum;  and the role of pro-inflammatory cytokines on the modulation of neuronal excitability, synaptic plasticity and
neuronal stem cell 

takpan.wong [at] (Dr. Tak Pan Wong, PhD)


Impact of stress on the brain; studies of how stress produces abnormality in synaptic transmission and impairment of memory
formation; molecular 
mechanisms of synaptic plasticity.

yashar.zeighami [at] (Dr. Yashar Zeighami, PhD) DMHUI Brain Aging in Health and Disease


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