Jewish General Hospital

3755 Ch. Côte Ste-Catherine, Montréal, QC H3T 1E2         
Telephone 514-340-8210

Chief of Department: Dr. Karl Looper
Email karl.looper [at]


The Department of Psychiatry, Institute of Community and Family Psychiatry, offers a full range of services for children, youth, adults and geriatric patients (inpatients and outpatients). The Department is located in the ICFP (4333 Côte-Sainte-Catherine Road), in Pavilion A of the JGH main building, and in the Centre for Child Development and Mental Health (west of the ICFP). There are active research programs in trans-cultural psychiatry, psychosocial health, psychotherapy and family therapy, sleep and aging, and first episode psychosis.

Message from the Chief

Our department’s mission is to provide excellent clinical care in an academic environment. We use family systems and biopsychosocial models to understand patients and their families and use a full range of evidence based treatments. Training of students from medicine, psychology, occupational therapy, nursing, and social work is a high priority, and multi-disciplinary teamwork creates a respectful work setting.


External Services

  • Ambulatory Care Clinic
  • First Episode Psychosis Program
  • Emergency Follow-up Service
  • Peri-natal Mental Health Service
  • Day Hospital
  • Youth Service
  • Couple and Family Therapy Program
  • Behavioural Psychotherapy and Research Unit
  • Collaborative Mental Health Care Program
  • Personality Disorders Program
  • Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Service
  • Cognitive Therapy Service
  • Driving Assessment Service
  • Time-limited Dynamic Therapy Service
  • Extended Care Services
  • Cultural Consultation Service

Inpatient Services

  • Child Psychiatry (Outpatient)
  • Child Psychiatry (Day/Evening)
  • Psychogeriatrics
  • Emergency Psychiatry
  • Cultural Psychiatry and Native Mental Health Unit































      Dr. Mark P. Adams
      Dr. Elisabeth Banon
      Dr. Philip Beck
      Dr. Michael Bond
      Dr. Evan J. Brahm
      Dr. Ronald D. Brown
      Dr. Nicola Casacalenda
      Dr. Paul Chan
      Dr. Malcolm Eric Davis
      Dr. Ronald B. Feldman
      Dr. Daniel Frank
      Dr. Khalil Geagea
      Dr. Judy Glass
      Dr. Jaswant K. Guzder
      Dr. Marsha R. Heyman
      Dr. Floriana Ianni
      Dr. Eric Jarvis
      Dr. Laurence J. Kirmayer
      Dr. Karl J. Looper
      Dr. Tobi Measham
      Dr. Marc Miresco
      Dr. Kathleen S. Myron
      Dr. Lucie Nadeau
      Dr. Joel Paris
      Dr. Christopher Perry
      Dr. Arthur Propst
      Dr. Thomas H. Reyburn
      Dr. Brian M. Robertson
      Dr. Cécile Rousseau
      Dr. Carmella Roy
      Dr. Marilyn Segal
      Dr. Trent Semeniuk
      Dr. Martin L. Solomon
      Dr. Constantin Tranulis
      Dr. Judith A. Vogel
      Dr. Ashley Wazana
      Dr. Susan Wisebord
      Dr. Viviane Zicherman


      Dr. Barbara Hayton


      Zeev Rosberger (Director)
      Sylvie Aubin
      Caminee Blake
      Paule Delisle
      Hélène Dymetryszyn
      Elizabeth Foley
      Judy S. Gradinger
      Linda Greenberg
      Karen Hardoon
      Mélissa Henry
      Stephanie Margolese
      Sylvain Néron
      Alessandra Schiavetto
      Maxine Sigman
      Liliane Spector
      Ruta Westreich 

      Couple & Family therapy

      S. Bond, Ph.D

      Social workers

      Julia Fraser
      Myra Issley
      Darlene Johnstone
      Alexandra Matlin
      Sherrie Poplak
      Pavlina Soussoudis
      Monica Suchma
      Janet Sutherland
      Brigitte Boulard
      Maureen Jean-Louis


      Phyllis Zelkowitz
      Sally Bailes
      David Dunkley
      Catherine Fichten
      Danielle Groleau
      Laurence J. Kirmayer
      Eva Libman
      J.C. Perry
      Amir Raz
      Zeev Rosberger
      Andrew Ryder
      Brett Thombs
      Constantin Tranulis
      Ashley Wazana
      Elisabeth Banon
      Michael Bond
      Karl Looper
      Eric Jarvis
      Joel Paris 

      Occupational Therapy

      Suzanne Rouleau
      Eileen Castro
      Gloria Aronoff
      Véronique Billette
      Andrea Blanar
      Nathalie Chokron
      Maryse Gautier
      Vanessa Greco
      Esther Lang
      Marie-Claude Hébert
      Rachel Schildkraut
      Liliane Wong
      Carine Zekry

      Head Nurses

      Louise de Bellefeuille (In-patient)
      Isabelle Caron (Nursing Director)
      Guy Lessard (External Services, Emergency, Psychogeriatrics)
      Rosemary Short (Child Psychiatry)