Changes in Quebec Tuition Policy with respect to international undergraduate students

In May 2018 the Government of Quebec released a new funding policy for universities, which includes important changes in the tuition policy with respect to international students enrolling in undergraduate programs beginning in Fall 2019.

Under the current tuition policy, the Government of Quebec regulates the levels of tuition charged to international students enrolled in the Faculties of Arts, Music, and Education, and in some programs in the Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine. Under the current policy, the government—not the university—retains the differential between international student tuition and the base Quebec tuition.

What’s changing?

As of Fall 2019, the Government will allow each university in Quebec to set tuition for international students enrolled in all undergraduate programs, and universities will keep 100% of the tuition collected.

This policy change will allow McGill to retain all of the tuition paid by international undergraduate students to support academic programs, services, and financial assistance delivered to McGill students.

Will this policy affect currently-enrolled international students, or new international students admitted for Fall 2018?

No.  International students currently enrolled at McGill or admitted to McGill for Fall 2018 will see no change in their anticipated tuition fees for 2018-19. All fees for the coming year are posted here, and will remain the same.

What will happen to international tuition levels in future years?

Tuition rates for 2019-20 and beyond have not yet been determined.

Currently enrolled students and those admitted for Fall 2018 will continue to pay tuition fees at the level set by the current University policy during the normal duration of their program.

There will likely be increases to international tuition levels for new students entering undergraduate programs beginning in Fall 2019. 

 Will financial aid be available to offset the cost of international tuition?

McGill offers competitive awards and financial aid to qualifying international students and we will continue to do so. Moreover, we anticipate being able to expand these programs in coming years, with greater freedom to allocate university revenues to institutional priorities.

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