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Current On-Going Projects

  • Development and implementation of a regulation for the management McGill’s Used and End-of-Life IT Equipment.
  • Training of Procurement Services Staff so that they incorporate life-cycle thinking and triple bottom line principles into their day-to-day activities.
  • Development of Applied Student Research Projects, involving collaboration with faculty members and students on issues such as:
  1. Managing greenhouse gas emissions from University business travel
  2. Optimizing Procurement criteria for laboratory Fridges and Freezers
  3. Assessing McGill community’s awareness about Sustainability and the purchasing of goods and services
  • The gradual incorporation of sustainability criteria in calls for tender.
  • The development of a supplier and sub-contractor Code of Conduct.
  • Collaboration with other Campus-wide Sustainability Projects (i.e. The McGill Waste Project, the McGill Energy Project, the pilot project for the replacement of mercury-containing microscopes, etc.).
  • Collaboration with Internal stakeholders (McGill office of Sustainability, University Services and Office of the V-P Research and International Relations) to explore the potential role of Granting Agencies in promoting Sustainability in Research.
  • Communicating and collaborating with other institutions in Québec and the rest of Canada, to share best practices in Sustainable Procurement.