IT Asset Management Regulation

To correct an inconsistency between the Procurement Policy and certain practices in regard to the purchasing, use and disposal of the University’s IT assets, Procurement Services hereby issues this Directive, to implement the IT Asset Management Regulation, effective today. 

The IT Asset Management Regulation directs the University towards the sound management, longevity and optimization of its information technology (IT) assets, in compliance with Québec’s Act respecting the governance and management of the information resources of public bodies and government enterprises (L.R.Q. c. G-1.103) and that purchasing, usage and end-of-life management of IT assets are carried out in accordance with:

UPDATE: McGill IT is giving the clearance to use Google Drive when the BigQuery feature is critical to the end user's activities, but we want to highlight 2 points. First, Google Drive do not provide any backup solution, so in the case where the content store in Google Drive get deleted by mistake, they won’t be able to recover it. Second, to be entitled to use any cloud solution, users must accept they are accountable and must comply with the cloud directive here.

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